Bubba Electric Fillet Knife

The Bubba Electric Fillet Knife Review

The Bubba Electric Fillet Knife 110V features an ergonomic design so that it fits nicely in your hands. The Bubba non-slip grip provides a way to easily fillet and clean fish. This knife comes with 4 blade styles that mimic Bubba’s renowned stiff and tapered flex knives.

These blade options include the 7″ e-flex blade, the 12″ e-stiff blade, the 9″ e-flex blade, and the 9″ e-stiff blade. The innovative combination of 2 stiff blades and 2 flexible blades, makes it easy to fillet fish of all sizes.

Bubba Electric Fillet Knife

This Bubba Electric Fillet Knife also features uniquely-designed ventilation that results in high motor-transmission output. This results in precise and efficient cuts. Each of the blades is made from high-carbon stainless-steel and coated with titanium nitride. The combination of these materials makes these knives corrosion-resistant.

These cordless electric knives also come with a trigger guard and safety lock for ultimate security and usability. Since this product is cordless, you also won’t have to worry about an electrical outlet or a power cord.

This is one of the top-rated electric fillet knives on the market that also comes with an all-weather, stylish, and high-quality carrying case. This case comes with internal sections that you can remove for cleaning and storage.

The battery life on the Bubba blade is incredible. Some users have stated that even after cleaning a large Crappie the lithium-ion battery still had 2 bars remaining.


– Corrosion-resistant blades
– Four-blade styles
– Trigger guard and safety lock


– Expensive
– People with smaller hands may struggle with this knife

If you are prepared to spend money on a premium fillet knife, then this is the one you need to buy. With a cordless knife, you no longer have to worry about carrying around a heavy lead-acid battery or looking for an extension.