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What Is T4 Under Cabinet Lighting?

The T4 under cabinet lighting is a great way to add a decorative flair to any kitchen or cabinet without having to break the bank. Before looking at what the lighting is all about, here is a quick breakdown of what the term T4 means. The “T” stands for Tubular, while the “4” refers to the tube’s (and its cap’s) diameter. Capsizes here are denoted in eighths of an inch – that means that T4 is 4/8 of an inch. Their length is generally denominated in feet.

T4 Under Cabinet Lighting

These lighting fixtures have, for the most part, been fluorescent lights. Today, however, there are LED and halogen versions available. T4 under-cabinet lighting is designed for out-of-sight installations to provide an indirect lighting effect. What that means is that while you can’t see the lighting fixture once turned on, you should still be able to see the light it illuminates as it bounces of kitchen countertops, ceilings, floors, or walls, depending on where it’s been installed.

T4 under-cabinet lighting is designed to be installed out of sight. As the light source is obscured from view, you never have to worry about the uncomfortable glare of an exposed bulb or tube. This relieves occupants of a room where the fixture is installed from visual stress and creates a nice ambiance. It is the subtleness and affordability of T4 under cabinet lighting that make it the perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts and interior designers looking to add some dazzle to their kitchens, cabinets, and even wardrobes.

Under-cabinet lighting is available in three main options. Apart from the T4 fluorescent under counter light, there is also surface mounted LED and LED strip under cabinet lights. However, it is worth noting that the other two have some disadvantages compared to the fluorescent under cabinet T4 light.

Under-cabinet LED strips are cheaper, but they do not have the same protection as the fluorescent strip. As a result, they are more susceptible to damage from moisture in the air or impacts. Furthermore, strips are made of many tiny LEDs that are also susceptible to failure. Apart from that, there’s also a power supply (separate) that needs to be installed since LED strips run off low voltage. If mismatched to strip, that could lead to individual diodes, especially those far from the power supply, lighting dimly, or not even lighting up at all.

T4 fluorescent lights, on the other hand, are energy efficient, easy to install, and compact. They are the perfect solution for small budget home improvement projects as they are cheaper to buy and are easily replaceable.

Looking for a quick and affordable way to give your kitchen or cabinets and wardrobes a touch of class? T4 under cabinet lighting can help light up your space in a subtle manner, giving it a unique and unparalleled nuance.